Mercer Marsh Malaysia Seminar Series 2017 – Reinventing Health Delivery

Mercer Marsh Malaysia Seminar Series 2017 - Reinventing Health Delivery

2017 medical trend survey, a descriptive insight into Malaysian medical health risk factors, and future of innovative healthcare solutions which could impact business productivity and cost were among the focus points discussed in this year’s Mercer Marsh Benefits Seminar. The event was organised by Marsh Malaysia on the 16th of August 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel, Malaysia.

Mercer Marsh Benefits Seminar 2017Mercer Marsh Benefits Seminar 2017 (L-R: Joan Collar, Dr. Feisul Idzwan Mustapha, Latt Mansor, Dr. Leena Johns, Mr. Sainthan Satyamoorthy)

Joan Collar, Asia Regional Leader of Mercer Marsh Benefits™

CB Lim, CEO of Marsh Malaysia
Ho Mun Kiat, Senior VP & National Practice Leader of Mercer Marsh Benefits™
Dr. Feisul Idzwan Mustapha, Public Health Physician, Non-Communicable Disease Section, Disease Control Division of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Latt Mansor, Business Development Director at Holmusk

Dr. Feisul Idzwan Mustapha, Public Health Physician, Non-Communicable Disease Section, Disease Control Division of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Latt Mansor, Director, Business Development at Holmusk
Dr. Leena Johns, Vice President and Medical Director of Metlife
Mr. Sainthan Satyamoorthy, Chief Corporate Solutions Officer of AIA Bhd

Latt Mansor, Business Development Director of Holmusk, was invited to share his insights on trends in big data and analytics as well as Healthcare management and market sharing along with representatives of Mercer Marsh Benefits, MetLife, AIA Bhd and the Malaysian Ministry of Health

Latt introduced the role of innovative digital healthcare as well as big data analytics in digital healthcare and their vitality in transforming and improving the future of healthcare and management. He also elaborated on the features and role of GlycoLeap and GlycoCoach by Holmusk in diabetes and obesity prevention and management as well as their outstanding performance in reducing client’s weight and A1C levels indicating their effectiveness in successfully managing diabetes and obesity. Holmusk data science services ( was also introduced to highlight its features in digitizing healthcare management and improving its performance.

Ho Mun Kiat of Mercer Marsh Benefits briefly highlighted the employee health and medical trends from the Mercer Marsh Benefits 2017 Report stating certain distinctive aspects such as the current and forecast medical inflation as well as the role of inpatient and outpatient and currency fluctuations affecting them. He states “our employees do not need healthcare, they need health” addressing the importance for companies to rethink employee healthcare and how this affects company performance.

Dr. Feisul presented an overview on the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Malaysia as well as their implications for health care. He pointed out the importance of data in prevention as well as management of several NCDs in Malaysia including diabetes, cancer and gastrointestinal diseases and their current implications. He stated that “diabetes does not kill, it’s the complications from diabetes that kills” to highlight the importance of lifestyle and disease management towards wellness.

Joan Collar elaborated on the role of the elderly society in the future of healthcare while emphasizing the importance of healthcare providers to address this area of healthcare, especially in the upcoming years. She also discussed the future of healthcare and the need for providers to shift its structure from a provider based to self-driven based highlighting the rise of digital healthcare and smart clients being proficient in self-managing their health. She also introduced the role of Benefitme portal and digital app by Marsh in performing in digital healthcare.

A short discussion and wrap up were followed by the panelists addressing the role of big data in Health Management and its impact on insurance and healthcare industry. Some challenges faced by insurance providers were mentioned by Dr. Lena Johns and Mr. Sainthan Satyamoorthy as well as the efforts being undertaken to improve delivery of service.

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Speaker: Latt Mansor
Director, Business Development

16 August 2107
From 13:30 to 17:15 (MST)
Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel
Ballroom A & B, level 6
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur