Health Tech Day


TeSA Health Tech Day

Last Friday, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) held its inaugural Health Tech Day, an exposition of innovation and recent development in the health tech sector. The fair, which lasted the whole day, saw the attendance of over 30 guest speakers who are industry experts in the field of healthcare, information systems, and start-ups. In addition, over 400 organisations participated, with exhibition booths spanning all three levels of SMU Labs. A wide array of innovative technology and futuristic devices were also on display to the public. Holmusk was one of the participating organisations invited to showcase its contribution to the Health Tech scene in chronic disease intervention.

Holmusk at IMDA Health Tech Day 2018

Holmusk at Health Tech Day 2018


Nawal Roy, the CEO and founder of Holmusk, was also present to share his journey in entrepreneurship in the In Conversation With series, together with Jeffrey Fang, co-founder of Doctor Anywhere and Chris Teo, Co-Founder and CEO of Mednefits.

To an audience comprising students, fresh graduates and young professionals, the three health tech start-up founders recounted their journey into entrepreneurship, speaking about their motivations, challenges faced and key lessons learnt. The three unanimously agreed that beginning a start-up is an “irrational decision” and acknowledged the ever-present possibility of failure. However, a strong vision and a “visceral desire to solve a complex problem” led them to take the first plunge and kept them persevering through the process.

Likening the initial decision to a marriage, Nawal highlighted the importance of foremost being clear of one’s desire and direction before making the commitment. He expressed his personal resolve to taking preventive care and early intervention of the chronic disease epidemic to a global level.

“If it doesn’t succeed, I will try again. I truly believe in what I am doing and I don’t want to give up. This is it. Finally, I am at a place where I am not searching for something else; I am at complete peace with myself.” – Nawal Roy, Founder and CEO of Holmusk.

It was truly a stirring session filled with fascinating stories and candid sharing from the three entrepreneurs of the health tech industry. The attendees were certainly left feeling inspired by the first-hand experiences and words of advice that were shared. Indeed, the main takeaway of the session was that the start-up journey is not an easy one, but with the right team and a sustained direction, it is most undoubtedly a rewarding one.

Jeffrey Fang, Nawal Roy and Chris Teo at IMDA Health Tech Day 2018

Health tech start-up founders (from L-R): Mr Jeffrey Fang, Mr Nawal Roy and Mr Chris Teo shared their experiences in their journey to entrepreneurship.

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Nawal Roy
CEO and Founder at Holmusk

Friday, 16 March 2018
From 0900 to 1800 (SGT)
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